High Barrier Films

Our Propafilm Strata high barrier range provides options that will aid pack simplification and substitution to enable easier recycling.  They have been designed to be standalone mono filmic solutions or, to be used in laminates structures to be ‘recycle ready’, or recyclable in countries which have an existing infrastructure to recycle polypropylene films.

The move towards mono-Polypropylene structures

Our Propafilm CHS provides a Polypropylene based alternative to current outer layer films like Polyester films in laminate structures.  When combining CHS with other Polypropylene films in laminates this can enable easier recycling in the future. Our range of Cast Polypropylene films can be utilised in laminate structures with Propafilm Strata and/or Propafilm CHS to create a technically functional film all based on Polypropylene.


We have introduced a new family of sustainable Polypropylene films named Encore.  These films can have certified renewable (non-food based) or recycled (PCR) contents which lowers the carbon footprint and reduces the use of fossil resources helping to move towards a more circular economy.

Encore films are managed through the ISCC PLUS certification on a mass balance basis. Encore films have the same technical and food compliance status as their fossil based equivalents due to the mass balance approach, therefore, are suitable for use in all market segments currently using Polypropylene.