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Innovia Films technical expertise comes from the fact that we have been supplying overwrap films to the tobacco industry for over 80 years. Our market leading Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films and labels are recognised within the industry as the bench mark for box and clear collation overwrap and sealable inner liner solutions.

Our outstanding R&D facilities have lead to the development of true innovation for the tobacco industry.  We invented shrink tobacco film in the 1990’s, which was followed by shrink acrylic coated clear overwrap films and uncoated transparent shrink films for clear collation.   Our perforated easy open films facilitate the removal of packs from larger collation packs. 

More recently we have developed sealable inner liner films. They improve shelf life of the pack while enhancing the brand.  Label closures are available in both manual and automatic designs and bespoke designs are possible, including security features if desired.

Our latest innovations include new Encore range of sustainable film solutions manufactured from renewable non-food based raw materials.  These are helping to reduce the use of fossil based virgin raw materials and carbon emissions.  Also our  Propafilm™ Strata films that offer high oxygen barrier protection. 

All our Propafilmuncoated and acrylic coated films, Encore and Strata films have been assessed and have been certified recyclable by Interseroh an independent German recycling and consulting company.


Controlled shrink tightening films
Clarity and sparkle
Printable films
Strong tearing seals
Recloseable inner liners
Security and decorative labels
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Recloseable Inner Liners

Unique security and decorative tobacco labels, for both manual and automatic inner liner filmic packs aid easier opening and re-closing while preserving tobacco freshness.

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Carton Overwrap

Our range of high, medium and non-shrink films for carton overwrap provide moisture and flavour barrier, optical clarity, gloss and machine performance.

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Unit Wrap

The industry’s benchmark – high gloss, clarity & shrink and suitable to run on the fastest machines available.

Tobacco Product Range
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Clear Collation

Clear collation films replace printed cartons, reducing the overall cost and the weight of the pack. Films available include coated, non-coated, shrink tightening and easy opening.

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