Durable BOPP films for challenging applications

Household chemicals come in many shapes and sizes, the harsher the content, the thicker the container.  More recently many cleaning products such as antibacterial liquids, floor cleaners and furniture polishes have moved to convenient wet wipe pack formats. 

There is also a move from hard to recycle metal composite containers to plastic containers for paint and other household chemicals. In mould labels allow the plastic structure to be recyclable in a suitable collection stream.  Our range of market leading films for in mould labelling includes films with crystal clarity for 'no-label look', solid white films and white opaque cavitated films with matt and gloss finishes. 

A more recent development is Rayoface™ Reclose film which was specifically developed for reclosable applications such as wet wipes.   The films robustness allows the pack to be easily opened and resealed without losing its stiffness.  The fact that this performance can be achieved with a mono film, eliminating the need to laminate several layers together, reduces costs and resources.  BOPP’s natural resistance to moisture ensures it will perform on a wide range of pack sizes across different applications such as home care, personal care, or industrial products.

Our range of BOPP films includes high clarity transparent and solid white films suitable for rigid, semi-rigid and full squeeze containers. 


Chemical resistance
Moisture resistant
Thick films
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Wet Wipes

Thick robust mono film allows the pack to be easily opened and resealed without losing its stiffness, suitable for use on both large and small packs

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Squeezable labelling

BOPP films is fast becoming the go to labelling material in this market segment as it provides the opportunity for brands to retain their stand out shelf appeal even after continuous use in wet environments.

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In Mould Labelling

Replacing metal with plastic containers is a trend. The use of BOPP in mould labelling helps to increase the recyclability of these containers.

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Large Format Labelling

Stiff monoweb roll-fed wraparound BOPP high yield label facestock films offer enhanced mechanical properties, chemical resistance and the perfect base for high resolution graphics.

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