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Tyre labels need to be durable, adhere to a complex surface and resist the migration of oils and rubbers from the tyre, while continuing to communicate key product data.

The information displayed on the labels, according to EU tyre labelling legislation (2012) needs to include fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise data as well as the manufacturer’s name, type, size and barcode details.  So printability is also important.

Included in our range, are films that are suitable for a wide range of printing techniques, including offset, screen, letterpress, gravure, UV cured inkjet systems or thermal transfer.    

Both Ultrafoil WXFA and Rayoface™ WXFF have a reverse side high barrier coating which provides an enhanced adhesive receptive key.  This helps to eliminate issues due to hot-melt adhesives curling, wrinkling and staining the film.  These solid white films are also glossy.

Rayoart™ WGS offers the thickest white films on the range.  They are easy to apply and remove at low and high temperatures.

Our high lustre metallised grade Rayofoil™ MCPA is highly compatible with UV, water based and solvent based inks.  Rayofoil™ MWA is a white film that is reverse metallised.  This provides a superior opacity and barrier to the white film. These grades are ideal for demanding applications where the finished label will be exposed to moisture and a range of temperatures.

Our BOPP films are designed for high speed conversion allowing you to maximise on-press productivity.  They also offer high stiffness which provides enhanced lay-flat when the labels are applied to the tyre ensuring they always look pristine. 


Curl & wrinkle-free
Consistent on-tyre label positioning
Robust brand impact & VIP print speed
Excellent whiteness and gloss
Enhanced label lay-flat on tyre
Maximum high speed conversion
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High Barrier Films

Our range of materials with high barrier properties maximise label appeal throughout the shelf-life of the tyre. Stain, Curl and wrinkle free labels extend the premium branding ensuring they always look pristine.

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Print Robustness

Assured narrow web print and branding performance is a given, couple this with high speed variable printing and exceptional resistance, labels based on our materials are guaranteed to out-perform the alternatives.

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