Pet Foods & Treats

Pet Foods & Treats

Barrier BOPP Films and Brand Differentiating Labelling

People love their pets and as the pet food, treat and supplement brands move towards organic ingredients, no preservatives and cleaner recipes, packaging has to perform as a barrier to maintain product integrity over the pack’s shelf life.

All our BOPP films demonstrate excellent moisture barrier. Our Propafilm™ Strata range of mono structure films provide exceptional barrier to aroma, mineral oils and oxygen even at high relative humidity levels ensuring increased shelf life and reduced food waste.

There is a wide range of Propafilm™ clear, white, and metallised lamination films, both print webs and sealant webs that can be combined together, or with Strata to create packs that provide excellent shelf appeal for brands looking to differentiate.

The high barrier Strata films are also a tool for engineers to use in creating 100% propylene packages to move away from multi-resin laminations and towards “Recycle-Ready” structures. All Strata and many Propafilm™ grades have already received the Interseroh Made for Recycling certification with more to follow.

The RayoForm™ in mould label films for polypropylene containers create an exciting opportunity in this market for strong, practical multi-use packs. By matching the label substrate material with the container material, the final pack is recyclable and meets the Association of Plastic Recycling (APR) recommendations for polypropylene packs.

The RayoForm™ range of films offers both clear and white options with the additional features of gloss vs soft touch surface effects.


High oxygen and gas barrier
White clear & metallised laminate films
Made for Recycling certified
High yield films
Heat seal and cold seal
Gloss and soft touch surfaces
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Pet Treats

Enhance the pack’s recyclability by creating 100% propylene packages. Moving away from multi-resin laminations and using the right label substrate creates ‘Recycle-Ready’ structures.

Packaging Product Range
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Pouch Packs

Our high barrier mono structure film Propafilm™ Strata is certified recyclable. Why not rethink your pouch structure to ensure that the pack is ‘Recycle-Ready'.

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