Tea & Infusions

Tea & Infusions

Safeguarding delicate flavours

Innovation around flavour is high on the agenda for tea producers. New ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices are becoming popular. The packaging needs to protect the tea and its individual delicate aromas while maximising on-shelf appeal in a competitive marketplace. Carton overwrap films, films for sachets or bags also need to meet demands for easy handling, fast-running and waste minimisation.
Our range of Propafilm™ BOPP films includes a variety of films that meet these challenges.

• Excellent anti-static properties facilitate efficient packing line performance and reduced miswraps
• Wide heat seal range enables high speed performance
• Peelable films available for easy opening

• Glossy, high clarity films for enhanced pack graphics
• Improved pack presentation as wrapped packs display dust free surfaces
• Printable option for all over graphics and special offers

• Excellent moisture barrier, preventing moisture ingress
• Superb barrier to gas, aromas and mineral oils for product protection
• Strong tearing seals for tamper evidence


Moisture and aroma barrier
Mineral oil barrier
Anti-static films
Wide heat sealing range
Easy opening films
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Box Overwrap

Our high barrier, high speed, anti-static and shrink tightening films have been supplying the tea industry for over 45 years.

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With flavours becoming more delicate, additional protection of the individual sachets can be of real benefit. This also limits cross contamination from strong neighbouring aromas.

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Bag in Box

Current trend is for consumers to see the product inside the box.  Putting the tea or sachets inside a high barrier film protects them from moisture, mineral oils and aromas.

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Cut and Stack Wrap-around Labels

RayoWrap™ is ideal for large format cut and stack labels. It has excellent feeding properties and higher wet strength and tear strength vs paper.

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