Our transparent barrier Strata BOPP films provide product protection, and are ideally suited to be part of polypropylene mono-material laminates.

The packaging of coffee is technically very challenging, with the product needing protection from oxygen and moisture, to ensure it arrives at the consumer in perfect condition

Our Propafilm™ Strata range of films provide an exceptional barrier to aroma, moisture, mineral oils and most importantly, oxygen even at high relative humidity levels, thus ensuring the coffee stays at its optimum, throughout its long shelf life.

Specific grades are available with different oxygen barrier levels, depending on the products needs and shelf-life requirements.

Propafilm™ Strata SL is our highest oxygen barrier product, and is designed to be used as the printable barrier layer along with a sealant web like Cast Polypropylene, to form mono-material laminate structures ideal for the coffee market.

Laminates like this can be used for many different packaging formats including vertical-form-fill-seal, pre-made bags, coffee sticks and sachets.

Propafilm™ Strata SL is also ideally suited as mono-web films for single serve coffee bag packs or envelopes. The films have a broad sealing range, which enables a wide packaging operating window and their stiffness allows excellent machinability for this format.

The whole Propafilm™ Strata range has been designated the highest ‘Designed for Recycling’ rating of Very Good, by independent organisation Interseroh.


High oxygen barrier
Aroma barrier
Mineral oil barrier
Highly printable
Suitable for lamination
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High Barrier Coffee Laminates

Propafilm™ Strata SLA can be reverse printed and laminated to a sealant web to form high barrier coffee bags with a window, that still offer excellent barrier against oxygen and keep coffee aromas in.

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Single Serve Coffee Bag Sachets

Coffee bags need protection to ensure they remain in optimum condition for the consumer. Our Propafilm™ Strata films offer barrier performance against oxygen, aromas, moisture and mineral oils, as well as excellent machinability.

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