Biscuits, Cookies & Bakery

Biscuits, Cookies & Bakery

Propafilm™ high barrier films protect products from aromas, moisture and oxygen to maintain freshness

Successful wrapping of foodstuff depends on the packaging’s ability to maximise the product’s shelf life.

Dry products like biscuits, cookies and crackers must be protected from moisture ingress to avoid loss of crispness and keep them fresh. Products with high butter content will also require protection from oxygen permeation to prevent them going rancid and causing flavour changes.

In addition, delicate aromas need to be maintained within the pack and care must be taken to avoid migratory chemical contamination from mineral oils.

To maintain the freshly baked aromas and taste of bread and cakes, the packaging selected needs to have the right barrier properties to protect the goods from oxygen.

Our Propafilm™ range of high barrier BOPP films includes a variety of grades that fulfil these requirements.  Our fast seal coated films provide excellent seal integrity even when there is contamination in the seal area such as sugar. 

Acrylic coated films offer a low sealing threshold and broad sealing range and are receptive to inks and adhesives. 

The majority of our BOPP films have been independently certified recyclable.  


Moisture barrier
Oxygen and mineral oil barrier
Aroma protection
Excellent seal integrity
Wide sealing films
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Cakes can be a difficult area for packaging as products vary greatly. Contact us to discuss your specific product and its packaging requirements.

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Crackers & Crispbreads

Protecting the delicate flavour and texture of these products is key. Learn about our aroma barrier films for these specific applications.

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Give your high quality products the protection they deserve with Propafilm’s range of high barrier packaging films. Innovia’s fast film range also allows for high productivity and high speed processing.

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Bread Products

Distribution and consumption of these products is typically very fast, but products need filmic packaging protection for shelf life extension in store and at home.

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