Cut Size Paper

Cut Size Paper

Market leading BOPP films for Cut Size Paper

The appearance and presentation of a ream of cut size paper on the shelf is largely determined by the material used to wrap it. The packaging has to be striking to stand out in retail displays, easy to identify and convey an image of quality.

These demands have led to a marked shift towards filmic overwrap rather than traditional paper wrapping and have seen Innovia Films emerge as the leading supplier of polypropylene films for the global paper industry.

Our reamwrap films offer many advantages to the paper supply chain, including:

• for the paper producer, fast reliable packaging line performance

• during the distribution, product protection from moisture and from risk of puncture

• for the reseller, maximised shelf appeal and visibility

• for the consumer, the opportunity to see through the packaging to distinguish colour shade

The films are acrylic coated on both sides to provide improved machinability on high speed packing lines. Unlike paper which is traditionally sealed with hot melt glue adhesive, the films give a strong seal simply by application of heat.

Propafilm™ films offer a very high degree of gloss and sparkle, and may be printed using gravure and flexography processes.


Superb clarity and gloss
Excellent moisture barrier
Superb seal integrity
Exceptional puncture resistance
Wide sealing range
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Films for Reamwrap

Our glossy transparent BOPP films help cut size paper to remain in perfect condition and allows the colour to show through.

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Easy Opening BOPP Films

Easy opening solutions for paper reams used with a resealable label ensures the paper remains in pristine condition every time it is used.

Cut Size Paper Brochure