Cosmetics & Perfumes

Cosmetics & Perfumes

Propafilm™ BOPP films ensure your packs have a strong visual impact

In these competitive markets, the packaging has to reinforce the brand's marketing statement. High clarity and gloss levels are pre-requisites where on-shelf appeal is important to the brand.

The packaging needs to showcase the product and have a high visual impact. Our acrylic coated films meet these requirements as they offer excellent optical properties.  With their broad sealing range, these films also enable excellent packaging machine performance.  Our standard materials provide strong seals for tamper evidence, however easy opening alternatives are also available.

Included in the Propafilm™ acrylic BOPP range are:

• Shrink tightening films for optimum overwrap appearance

• Films with peelable seals for easy opening

• Films for collation and bundle wrap that do not stick to coextruded OPP films

• Films shown to significantly reduce the migration of mineral oils

Our latest addition to transparent overwrap film for these markets is Propafilm™ OFR.  It has been specifically designed for the overwrapping of perfume and cosmetic boxes.  The film’s unique formulation delivers a film with scratch and alcohol resistance alongside outstanding overwrapping machine performance.  This innovative film is chlorine (PVdC) free, it has also been independently certified recyclable.


Superior optical properties
Glossy high clarity films
Non-whitening alcohol resistant film
Excellent scratch & scuff resistance
Outstanding machine performance
Films for bundle & transit collation
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Glossy Films

Our acrylic coated films have excellent optical characteristics enhancing on-shelf appeal and product presentation.

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Cosmetic Overwrap Film

Our newest chlorine free overwrap film has a unique formulation that delivers scratch and alcohol resistance and its recyclable.

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