Candy & Confectionery

Candy & Confectionery

A variety of films for every packaging format

The candy/confectionery market is creative and diverse. Brand extensions, limited editions, some ranges are seasonal and many products are bought on impulse.  The industry constantly tries to differentiate, increase shelf-life, improve packaging line performance and reduce costs.

Our overwrap films can significantly increase the shelf life of the product due to their superb water vapour, flavour and aroma barrier properties.  Strong sealing at high speeds combined with controlled and balanced shrink tightening ensures exceptional glossy pack appearance - even for unusual shaped cartons.

The Propafilm™ FFF film range are ideal for countlines, bars, mini flow wraps and collation flow wraps. The collection includes transparent and white films providing exceptional speeds and hot tack, a broad seal range and good seal integrity, even with contamination in the seal area.  With an ultra-low heat-seal threshold, this film range can be used on both high and low speed packing lines.

For increased shelf appeal, the Propafilm™ metallized films, laminated to wide seal range multilayer coextruded films offer the best sparkle and eye catching appearance.

Propafilm™ cold seal white and high yield white cavitated films are the perfect solution when laminated to a clear performance print web for improved economics, packing performance and shelf appeal.

Many of the products from the Wigton plant are independently certified as recyclable.


Excellent optical properties
High barrier films
Wide sealing range
Cold seal
Controlled shrink tightening film
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BOPP Overwrap Films

Our BOPP films are perfect for protecting your gum, candies, chocolate or sugar confectionery whatever the pack format. Contact us to discuss our packaging solutions.

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Fast BOPP Films

Looking for high productivity and production flexibility on your countlines, mini and collation flow-wraps? Look no further, our range of BOPP high performance recyclable films will surprise you.

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