Industrial & Durable

Industrial & Durable

Heavy Duty BOPP films for challenging conditions

Our range of BOPP label facestock films includes grades that have been developed to meet challenging environments.   One such environment is drum labelling including IBC bulk containers.  They can contain a wide variety of liquids, including hazardous chemicals.  Some will be exposed to harsh conditions such as seagoing vessels.  Here it is particularly important that the label can withstand such conditions so that the information remains intact.

Our thick high performance solid white pigmented base film gives robust performance with optimal processing efficiencies for fast, high speed conversion and printing. Combined with a reverse side acrylic coating, they give the end user, container-recycler/re-labeller robust, clean removability or permanent label options.

Our high yield, cavitated base films give further enhanced print speeds and reduced print temperatures due to their insulatory effect, maximising printer energy at the ribbon/film interface as well as cost benefits throughout the conversion processes.

These films are UV stabilised to withstand extended outdoor exposure remaining intact after exposure to sunlight and salt spray.

The ‘TT’ topcoat is also designed to improve the smudge and scratch resistance of bar codes and text printed with wax/resin and wax ribbons, potentially reducing the total costs of the finished label.


Chemical resistance
Moisture resistant
High opacity
Exceptional printability
Thick films
UV stabilised
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Chemical Drum Labelling

BS5609 is the benchmark standard for marine drums labelling. Internal laboratory tests have proven our films to be suitable for this harsh application.

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Industrial Applications

Tough industrial applications require resilient hard-wearing labelling materials. Our range of hardy films will have something to meet your requirements.

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