Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

We conducted a ‘cradle to gate’ LCA of Propafilm™ in 2009. ‘Cradle to gate’ refers to the scope of the LCA, which in this case encompasses raw material manufacture to finished film. The results from this were used primarily to understand where we stood in relation to the various LCA parameters and enabled us to look at process improvement investments to maximise the potential environmental benefits.

A second LCA was carried out in 2017 to understand what our progress was following a range of investments and improvements. We were very pleased with the results. Some of the improvements made resulted in large reductions in impacts from energy supply.

• In 2009 around 70% of electricity used was supplied from the grid

• In 2017 this had fallen to around 25%; much more electricity is now supplied by clean on-site generation

• Electricity consumption for uncoated films has dropped by around 10%

• Steam consumption in 2017 is lower for coated films (30% reduction)

• Changes to the grid mix – large reduction in fossil fuels and increase in renewables.

However, influence has become lower as more electricity is generated on-site. Both LCA’s were carried out in conjunction with an external consultant – Thinkstep.

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

To build trust and transparency with our customers we are members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex). This is an online system which uses the latest technology to enable companies to efficiently manage the ethical and responsible practices of their global supply chains. It focuses on labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business integrity. It allows us to be more transparent while driving improvements.

Ecovadis Assessment

We are also part of the Ecovadis sustainability ratings and scorecards system to help our procurement teams monitor environmental, social and governance issues in the supply chain. In 2018 we were awarded a Gold rating. Ecovadis evaluates companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance across 21 criteria around four themes of environment, fair labour practices, ethics/fair business practices and supply chain. We are able to share our CSR information with our customers.

Our Gold rating means we are in the top 3% of all suppliers evaluated in 2017.