Polypropylene can be readily recycled. It is more resistant to degradation during mechanical recycling compared with other polymers e.g. PE which gives much greater potential for future high value products.

When collected BOPP film can be sorted and mixed with the existing PP recycle stream.


In order to assess and approve the recyclability of our Propafilm™ uncoated, coated, and multilayer and Encore uncoated products, we are working with Interseroh who are an independent German recycling and consulting company.

They analyse and evaluate the packaging based on sound criteria along the entire after-life processes (collection, sorting, recycling and processing).  The result of this analysis is a scale which determines whether the packaging is non-recyclable through to very good.


We are delighted that our new range of multilayer Propafilm™ Strata high barrier films has been awarded a ‘Very Good’ rating, and has been awarded the ‘Made for Recycling’ logo.


Interseroh concludes “This mono-material film is very good recyclable form of packaging.  Thanks to its mono-structure, the film performs much better in recycling than composite films and can be added to the PP closed loop and reused.”

In addition, we are delighted that all our other films, PropafilmTM uncoated, acrylic coated and Encore uncoated have also been awarded ‘Made for Recycling’ status.