Shrink Films

Full 360° branding

Shrink sleeves are becoming a popular choice for labelling containers as it offers a range of benefits.  It allows full 360° branding, allowing more creativity through the use of graphics and bright colours allowing the product to stand out on the shelf.

The sleeve is able to shrink to a range of generic container shapes and the film can be used on glass, plastic or cans.  The shrink film is waterproof and durable and it can easily be removed when the container is recycled.

Our high shrink MOPS film  has the lowest density of all comparable materials (<1.03) and provides up to 75% shrinkage as tested 10 seconds in a water bath at 95°C.  It has low machine direction shrinkage providing improved performance using medium temperature.  Smooth shrinkage prevents folds from forming even at difficult transition points.   

Its excellent transparency and smooth surface ensures superior print quality even when reverse printing and its high rigidity means it guarantees trouble-free handling on the label applicator.



High shrink MOPS
Low MD shrinkage
High transparency
Smooth shrinkage prevent folds
Low density
High rigidity

Key Attributes

  • High transparency
  • Excellent printability
  • Superior shrink performance


  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Personal care
  • Home care
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Shrink sleeve labelling


  • APS HS (High Shrink)
  • APS S (Standard Shrink)


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