Thermal Transfer Films

Tough environments

Thermal transfer is a popular print process particularly used for the printing of identification labels.  It is the most widely used printing process in the world for the printing of high-quality barcodes.

Innovia’s Rayoface™ VTT a white high yield BOPP film and  Rayoface™ WTT a solid white BOPP film have a proprietary matt paper like surface which ensures reliable barcode readability.  Both films have a dedicated print receptive top coating which can be printed using thermal transfer, dot matrix and also ink jet marking. These films are UV stabilised to withstand extended outdoor exposure remaining intact after exposure to sunlight and salt spray.

The ‘TT’ topcoat is also designed to improve the smudge and scratch resistance of bar codes and text printed with wax/resin and wax ribbons, potentially reducing the total costs of the finished label.

Rayoface™ WTT is suitable for use on marine drums and has been tested to the BS5609 standard which is the benchmark for marine drum labelling. Intensive internal laboratory testing has shown this film to be suitable for this harsh application.

WTT’s solid format allows it to be removed easily during container recycling.


Ideal for variable information labels
Wide ribbon and ink compatibility
BS5609 approved for marine drum labels
High speed printing and verification
Highly resistant smudge proof printing
Paper like surface

Key Attributes

  • High stiffness for conversion and automatic dispensing
  • High opacity
  • High yield
  • UV stabilised for outdoor applications
  • Matt surface for maximum barcode readability
  • Moisture resistant


  • Outdoor chemical containers
  • Marine drum labels
  • Logistic labels


  • Matt outdoor durable labels
  • Reliable thermal transfer performance


  • Rayoface™ WTT
  • Rayoface™ VTT


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