Linerless Label Films

Maximise product impact

A move to linerless labels offers significant advantages over pressure sensitive labels and carton board sleeves for product decoration.  Packaging weight and waste reduction through the supply chain of over 30% is readily achievable.

No release liner and reduced adhesive cover, offer substantial waste reduction opportunities, coupled with down weighting versus carton board sleeves again offers major savings.  Packing line efficiencies can be achieved as there are more labels per roll which means the automated machinery can run faster and have fewer change overs.

For Ravenwood Packaging Nobac linerless label applicators Innovia’s films are fully qualified substrates and recognised as the products of choice.   They offer high speed optimum conversion efficiencies and trouble free label application.

Rayoface™ NB92C and NB92W are clear and white films exclusively for Nobac label applicators.

Rayoface™ AWPA and ACPA offer alternative linerless label constructions.  Two side coated for wide adhesive, print & release compatibility.


High stiffness for high speed application
Two side coated
Brilliant white film
High clarity clear film
Tear resistant
Recyclable with other polyolefin materials

Key Attributes

  • 92um films approved for the full line of Nobac label applicators
  • Tear and water resistant
  • Ideal for wet environments
  • Enhanced shelf appeal versus paper labels
  • Excellent printability and siliconisation
  • High labelling & conversion efficiency


  • Fresh produce
  • Ready meals
  • Beverage
  • Home and Personal Care


  • Chilled/moist and frozen products
  • Skin packs
  • Tray labelling
  • Rigid bottles
  • Semi-rigid containers


  • Rayoface™ NB92C
  • Rayoface™ NB92W
  • Rayoface™ ACPA
  • Rayoface™ AWPA


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