Embossable Film

Stand out features

Premium product producers operate within a competitive landscape and need to find creative ways to tempt consumers to pay more for their product.  To do this they need to find ways to demonstrate and communicate quality while standing out on the shelf.  One way some have approached this is through embossed features on the label and through colourful and intricate eye-catching designs.

There are many paper substrates that can be embossed but no filmic substrate has been available until now.

Innovia Films has been supplying BOPP films into the pressure sensitive market for nearly 30 years, so when approached for a film that could be embossed we took up the challenge.  After an intense development schedule we launched Rayoface™ mBoss, a film that has been especially engineered to offer long-lasting premium embossing performance.

It offers increased shelf appeal and consumer engagement through bold tactile features as well as the eye-catching print and foiling capability of the paper-like surface. At 130 micron, it has a premium feel and offers high conversion and labelling efficiencies due to its exceptional dimensional stability.

Rayoface™ mBoss has a high level of opacity, even when wet and is suitable for use with a wide range of inks and foils as well as textured varnishes.

We have proven its performance which has demonstrated the longevity and robustness of the embossed features through the supply chain, ensuring the on-shelf impact and brand experience that Rayoface™ mBoss can generate.



Embossable film
Printable surface
High opacity
High machine direction stiffness
Balanced properties
Water resistant

Key Attributes

  • Premium branding
  • Long lasting tactile features
  • Matt paper-like surface finish
  • Wide print
  • Foil & varnish receptivity
  • High opacity even when wet


  • Beer
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Personal care
  • Cosmetics & Perfumes
  • Premium foods


  • Premium self-adhesive labelling


  • Rayoface™ mBoss


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