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Strong seals for tamper evidence

In recent years Tobacco companies have developed smoking products that have the potential to reduce health risks by heating tobacco rather than burning it or using heated liquids instead of tobacco.

These are growing markets globally and they, like other products, require packaging and labelling to meet legislation requirements while maximising presentation at point of sale. In addition their unique designs bring with them their own packaging challenges

Innovia has a range of films for these applications which include coated, uncoated, shrink and non-shrink films and films for flow wrapping.  In addition, a high barrier shrink film for high speed overwrapping.  Their high gloss and transparency allows product show through while offering product security. 

Using glossy high clarity shrink tightening film to overwrap the pack ensures a tight wrap, providing a quality presentation and reinforces a strong visual impact.  They also have proven high speed machine performance on a variety of packaging machines providing strong seals for tamper evidence.  Differential slip also aids machine performance by minimising filmic movement against the pack and smooth movement against the machinery, ensuring a tight wrap.


Wide range of films
Superior controlled balanced shrinkage
Barrier to water vapour
Flavour and aroma barrier
High speed machine performance
Printable options

Key Attributes

  • Shrink tightening for pack presentation
  • Wide sealing range
  • Films for box wrap
  • Films for flow wrapping
  • Global technical support for new developments
  • Good sealing capability


  • Tobacco
  • Reduced harm products
  • Vapour products


  • Box overwrap
  • Collation wrap
  • Flow wrap


  • Propafilm™ GLT
  • Propafilm™ NC
  • Propafilm™ RC
  • Propafilm™ SNC
  • Propafilm™ SRC
  • Propafilm™ FFC


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