Cold Seal Films

High speed packaging

For high volume brands in markets such as candy, confectionery and snack bars, the economies of high speed, cold seal packaging  are very attractive. Cold seal packs also have ease of opening features and therefore finds niches in many food and non-food markets. Innovia Films has a wide range of film types that can be used as both the main web and release web in these packs.

For higher barrier needs or light block, we recommend using one of our high barrier metallised films with either print and release coat applied or for a more robust pack, laminated to our clear, cold seal release film Propafilm NHD.

For bright, sharp graphics, one of the bright white cavitated films is an ideal cold seal receptive film and again can be used as a monolayer or laminated to our clear release film.


High yield white
Cold seal release
Cold seal receptive
Bright metal surface
High barrier
High opacity

Key Attributes

  • Excellent flatness Excellent mechanical properties
  • Puncture and impact resistance vs paper alternatives


  • Biscuits
  • Cookies and Bakery
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Medical


  • Cold seal flow
  • Specialty pouches


  • Propafilm™ QHH Plus
  • Propafilm™ QNH
  • Propafilm™ MNS
  • Propafilm™ MPS
  • Propafilm™ MZS Plus
  • Propafilm™ NHD


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