Collation Films

Collation films

The adoption of collation wrap has grown in recent years particularly within the food, beverage, personal care, perfume and cosmetics, confectionery and tobacco markets.  A recent study suggests that moving from cardboard packaging to collation films can reduce the weight of freight by 70% which in turn translates into fuel efficiencies.

Besides eliminating the cost of cardboard, the use of transparent filmic wrap ensures high visibility of the individual packs inside the collation/bundle.

We have a range of clear collation films all of which can be removed without damaging the inner wrapped packs.  Our uncoated and coated solutions do not seal to coextruded films, making them perfect for bundle or transit wraps.

Shrink tightening collation film, Propafilm™ SNC and SRC provide a tighter wrap for an overall improved pack appearance, while our ‘snap wrap’ solutions SRCZ facilitate the easy removal of unit wraps from the bundle.


High clarity and gloss
Barrier films
White films
Shrink tightening films
Easy removal from bundles

Key Attributes

  • Incompatible seals to avoid sticking
  • Wide operating window
  • Excellent optics for visibility


  • Biscuits
  • Cookies and Bakery
  • Computer games and DVDs
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Dried foods
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Perfume & Cosmetics
  • Tea & Infusions


  • Overwrap
  • Printing


  • Propafilm™ NC
  • Propafilm™ RBC
  • Propafilm™ RBX
  • Propafilm™ RC
  • Propafilm™ SNC
  • Propafilm™ SRC
  • Propafilm™ SRCZ


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