Innovia Films, a leading material science pioneer that manufactures film materials for labels and packaging, are pleased to announce the appointment of Alasdair McEwen to the role of Business Unit Director Packaging Europe.

Alasdair McEwen has been an experienced member of the Innovia team for over 27 years and has held various positions in the labels and packaging business units with an excellent track-record and successful projects.

Over the next couple of months, Alasdair McEwen will be further developing the Packaging Strategy for Innovia’s European Plants to leverage the opportunities for our packaging films that are arising with changing legislation and a push towards design for recycling.

Alasdair McEwen, Business Unit Director Packaging Europe says, “I am excited to lead the Packaging division into new focus areas, whilst reflecting on legislation and industry mega trends. We are a strong player in the packaging industry and can build on that tradition”.

“We have a unique offering for Packaging with the different technologies that we provide to the market. Our capabilities bring vast opportunities for our customers, and we are constantly evolving in the Packaging Division. Presenting a solution-based approach based on market trends” adds Alasdair.

Innovia has various fully recyclable solutions that are unique to the market and bring real value to the supply chain. Innovia are investing in innovations to ensure that they can offer the right solution for the sector.


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