·         New facestock films that that support the move to thinner materials that are designed for recycling.

·         To be launched at Labelexpo 2023.

Innovia Films, a major producer of BOPP films, is launching CPE45 (clear and WPE45 (white). These two new label facestock films, are the result of in-depth material science from our scientists, to produce label films that are not only naturally printable, but significantly thinner than alternative filmic label materials, like PE (Polyethylene). 

“In the Home and Personal Care arena, clear and white polyethylene label facestock films are routinely used, but these can be replaced by CPE and WPE, which have many advantages over them” says Alasdair McEwen, Product Manage Labels and Graphics at Innovia Films.  “CPE and WPE are approximately 40% thinner than the polyethylene films used, meaning you can use a label that is much thinner, and most importantly using less of the planet’s scarce fossil resources.  CPE also has outstanding clarity and very low haze compared to a polyethylene label, making it perfect for use on clear-on-clear applications on PET bottles” adds McEwen.  

One of the main benefits of using CPE or WPE, is that they maintain the high machine direction stiffness of bubble produced films, meaning end-users and applicators would see no reduction is label dispensing speeds.

“This has been an extremely important development for Innovia” says Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director Labels.  “It is vital with any new products that we launch, that they align with the markets move to packaging materials that will meet design for recycling guidelines, and CPE and WPE do just that.  Alongside that, these films give our customers not only the ability to significantly downgauge, but also improve their carbon footprint”.

CPE45 and WPE45 are fully available immediately.


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