Labelexpo 2023 Innovia showcases functional label materials for a better future

·         Live demo of thin and floatable shrink film made from a low density polyolefin

·         Focus on thin materials that help save valuable resources

·         Presentation of white label film, containing 30% post-consumer mechanical recycled content

Innovia Films announces that they will be showcasing their whole range of sustainable and functional label materials based on recyclable BOPP along with APO shrink film material that was especially developed to support the recycling of PET bottles.

„We are very much looking forward to the show. As a leading company in material science, especially for BOPP solutions for label and packaging, we have been working on materials that not only follow the principle of reduce, re-use and recycle but also support recycling of the finished package, while at the same time providing the right barrier functions needed to prevent food waste for example,“ explains Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director – Labels EMEA at Innovia. „So we are excited to share this with our customers and other visitors at the Labelexpo fair in Brussels and discuss how these filmic materials can help everyone achieve their goal of re-designing packaging to become more circular.“

Live demonstration of thin, floatable shrink sleeve material
„Sustainable shrink sleeves made from floatable polyolefin material have become the go-to technology for many big brands in the last couple of months. As more and more rPET bottles are used, the brands want to make sure that these are recycled again and again to ensure a closed loop“, explains Kralj.„ So it is important to use for sleeve decoration that detaches automatically in the recycling process and separates itself easily from the bottle in the sink/float process. Our APO shrink film material does exactly that.“

Along with the standard version there will be the first-ever presentation of a new version: APO-HS,
a high-shrink floatable polyolefin shrink film, which improves PET bottle recycling and that can be applied on “complex” bottle shapes such as trigger bottles used for household cleaners. This product segment has seen a trend to switch to PET bottles in the recent months.

There will be a live demonstration at the booth to show the functionality and to explain how the sink/float recycling steps that is an integral part of PET reycling and how this actually works.

Thinner materials that improve carbon impact
Innovia will be exhibiting different Rayoface™ label films that are clear or white, thinner, printable, and comply with global food contact regulations. As they are thinner than comparable label materials, they help improve the overall carbon footprint through material efficiency whilst maintaining excellent printability.

Another innovation to be presented is the Rayoface™ AQBSA version, that is a printable, cavitated label film with excellent opacity. Designed for pressure sensitive labeling (PSL) applications, the film is 58 microns thick, has a printable top-coating, and an adhesive receptive coated surface on the reverse side.

“AQBSA is suitable for use within a wide range of market segments such as Household and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and other consumer packaged goods sectors,” said Lucija Kralj, Business Unit Director – Labels EMEA. “The 5-layer technology in the cavitated base film, means AQBSA is a high-performance product that gives both superb economics and a high yield.”

Post-consumer mechanically recycled label materials
“A lot of work has been going into integrating more recycled content from actual post-consumer waste into filmic base materials for labels and flexible packaging. We are proud to present Encore W50m30, a white label film, containing 30% post-consumer mechanical recycled content to our audience at the show”, explains Alasdair McEwen - Product Manager Labels at Innovia Films. “It represents a milestone in using packaging materials in a closed loop”.

Materials for In-mould labelling technology
As in mould labelling presents a growing market, Innovia will be showcasing their range that was especially developed for this technology at the trade fair. “Innovia’s RayoForm™ in mould BOPP label films for polypropylene containers create an exciting opportunity in many markets for strong, practical multi-use packs”, says Kralj. “The label becomes an integral part of injection or blow moulded plastic containers without the need for adhesives, typically using the same resin material as the container for easy recycling.”

Linerless labels with no release liner makes the perfect environmental change
Our linerless labels range, both clear and white (including a matt version) variants, provide all the benefits of self-adhesive labels, but with one big environmental advantage, they do not use a release liner. Our films are perfect for producing a linerless label,and the finished label reel weights can be greatly reduced, due to the liner material savings, meaning less waste, longer reels and subsequently fewer reel changeovers.

„We give the future a better label“ campaign
Along with all the product innovation, Innovia is showcasing the new communication campaign „A better future“ at the booth. The campaign underpins Innovia‘s role in creating better and more sustainable and recyclable materials for the future, which
are used in consumer packaging, labels and for graphic films. Their long history in being a global innovator – and the leading manufacturer of BOPP (polypropylene) film.

As the name Innovia suggests, it's all about innovation, the future and progress. Innovia attaches great importance to further developing its products in such a way that they meet future requirements, both from the customer's point of view and in a sustainable sense.


Innovia Films will be in Hall 4, Stand A47.


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