Easy Opening Films

Inclusive packaging

Easy-open packaging is increasingly becoming a major purchase consideration for consumers, especially those with reduced dexterity.  Consumers often complain about the difficulty of getting into conventional packaging having to resort to sharp implements such as knives, scissors or even screwdrivers to get into the pack.  On many occasions the pack simply tears open and much of its contents end up on the floor.   This experience has been referred to as ‘wrap rage’.   

We have specifically developed a number of easy-to-open packaging films that improves the experience, while still continuing to protect the products they wrap, resulting in an enhanced product experience.  These films are suitable for a wide range of pack styles and applications, including flow wrap, vertical form seal, overwrap, pre-made bags and ‘snap-wrap’ collation bundles.  Alternative coating types means these films also come in high barrier and anti-mist versions.

Propafilm™ RCP has a broad sealing range, which enables a wide packaging operating window and good machinability in all standard formats:  Their moisture and aroma barrier properties make them an ideal choice to preserve many food items, including dried and chocolate based products.   

Propafilm™ T710P is acrylic coated and is ideal for heavy duty cut size paper applications, giving excellent deadfold properties and an unique peelable seal opening system.

Our clear Propafilm™ SRCZ films with scored lines allow the easy removal of packs from collation bundles. 


Easy to open seals
Packs do not split open
Facilitates neat reclosure
Proven technology
No machine modifications required
Puncture resistant

Key Attributes

  • Easy opening
  • Wide sealing range
  • High oxygen barrier option
  • Printable option
  • Anti-mist version
  • Heavy duty film


  • Biscuits
  • Cookies & Bakery
  • Candies & Confectionery
  • Cut size paper
  • Dairy
  • Dried foods
  • Fresh produce
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Tea & Infusions


  • Box overwrap
  • HFFS
  • Lamination
  • Pre-made bags
  • Printing
  • VFFS


  • Propafilm™ RCP
  • Propafilm™ SRCZ
  • Propafilm™ T710P


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