Sustainable Encore Labels Films

Encore Labels Films - Reducing Fossil Resource Usage and Lowering Carbon Footprint

Two of the major global environmental challenges are global warming and waste pollution. Innovia have developed two new ranges of Encore sustainable BOPP label films that in their own small way can help towards addressing these challenges.

Firstly the “Encore bmax” labels film range has a low or even negative carbon footprint and so helps towards reduction of global warming. This is achieved by the “Encore bmax” films having a certified percentage of bio-source PP resin.

The bio-source PP resin is made from renewable forestry waste rather than from non-renewable fossil resources. A tall oil is produced from the forestry waste which is used as an alternative to fossil oil when making PP resin. The carbon dioxide captured when the forest trees grow gives a negative carbon footprint raw material that allows Innovia to offer low or even negative carbon footprint films.    

The second “Encore r30” labels film range has 30% certified chemical recycled PP resin content that is made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The waste is chemically recycled into a pyrolysis oil which can be used as an alternative to fossil oil when making PP resin. Chemically recycling waste to make new label film stops it becoming an environmental pollutant and reduces the use of virgin fossil resources.

Both these Encore sustainable BOPP label film ranges have ISCC certified bio source renewable (bmax) or chemically recycled (r30) percentage according to the mass balance principle. A key benefit from this is that the physical characteristics, appearance, and compliance of these Encore films are identical to their widely used fossil oil equivalent grades and will give exactly the same performance.


Excellent barrier
High stiffness
Superior optics and gloss
Mono filmic solutions
Extend shelf-life

Key Attributes

  • Independently certified recyclable
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Sustainably sourced polymer
  • ISCC Plus certified films


  • Food
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Household


  • Primary labels on containers
  • Barrier labelling
  • Shelf life extension


  • Encore


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