PSL Over Laminate Film

High gloss lamination film

Applying an over laminate film to a printed surface is undertaken to protect it and provide longevity ensuring the design remains in pristine condition.  This is particularly so when intricate textures and tactile features are added to luxury labels and packs. 

Innovia’s thinner BOPP films offer glossy robust over-print protection for pressure sensitive labels produced by self-adhesive printer. They also find significant use in laminate print structures for large volume brands in beverage and home and personal care. These films can be surface or reverse-side printed and then laminated to form thicker high-speed dispensing PS label structures.

High machine direction stiffness offers market leading on-press stability for premium narrow web converted labels.  The corona treated surface offers excellent print surface for gravure and metallic inks.

Rayoface™ CL has a corona treated surface and is available in 20µm or 30µm thicknesses.


Co-extruded one side corona treated
High clarity
High stiffness for conversion
Scratch and chemical resistant
Reverse-side printable
Balanced film properties

Key Attributes

  • Outstanding moisture resistance
  • Tear resistant
  • High on-press stability
  • Excellent die cutting performance
  • Wide range of lamination inks and adhesives compatible
  • Solvent and water-based flexo and gravure printable
  • BOPP is recyclable in polyolefin recycle streams.


  • Beverage
  • Home & Personal Care


  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Printed primary labels
  • Reverse side secondary labels


  • Rayoface™ CL


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