PSL Enhanced Squeeze Films

Ready steady squeeze

Squeezable films for pressure sensitive (PS) labels are popular with Brand Managers, especially in the Home & Personal Care sector.  Labels produced from these films maintain their consistency and quality throughout the life of the container on which they are applied, whether they are semi-squeeze or full squeeze.

Innovia Films clear and white BOPP squeezable facestock films offer direct alternatives to thicker PE films – they provide much more stable conversion properties and efficiencies.

The clear films are high clarity offering the only true full squeeze ‘no-label look’ material available today.  With excellent gloss they provide outstanding shelf appeal.

Our brilliant white high opacity films have gained market success driven by process efficiencies shelf impact of the finished label and the opportunity to reduce label weight vs thicker PE films. They bring all the benefits of BOPP with the added squeeze performance of a PE film.enhanced 

There are many benefits that can be gained by switching from PE85 and they are substantial.  As our films are thinner, the printer gets more square meters per reel. Meaning more printed labels per reel, increased up-time on press, reduced number of reels required by up to 60%. This decreases the number of pallets and the storage space required by half.  This results in less packaging and reel handling costs. The reduction in label material weight means that transport and logistics carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 45%.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity to save time and money.

We utilise the same proven coating chemistries on our squeezable facestock film range – our PA topcoat delivers the highest off-press ink adhesion and water resistance in the market today.  Our FA top-coating has both EU and FDA food contact status as well as leading the industry for metallic effects and fine tone printing needs.


Clear ‘no-label’ look film
Brilliant white high opacity film
High stiffness for conversion
Efficient web processing
Tear resistant
Excellent die cutting performance

Key Attributes

  • Game changing clarity combined with squeeze performance
  • Uncoated films are one side corona treated
  • PA coating has highest UV ink adhesion
  • FA coated products has EU and FDA food compliance
  • Outstanding shelf appeal
  • Wide proven print performance
  • Broad resistance to household chemicals
  • BOPP is recyclable in polyolefin recycle streams
  • High-speed assured label dispensing
  • Exceptional ink adhesion and robust performance
  • Excellent adhesion and lay-down of both cold and hot foiling processes
  • Enhanced moisture resistance


  • Food
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Household


  • Primary labels on squeezable containers
  • Shampoo
  • Lotions
  • Squeezable tubes


  • Rayoface™ CZ
  • Rayoface™ WZ
  • Rayoface™ CZPA
  • Rayoface™ WZPA
  • Ultrafoil CZFA


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