PSL Rigid & Semi Squeeze Films

Rigid and semi squeeze performance

Pressure sensitive (PS) labels are used in a wide range of markets applied to plastic or glass containers and bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Innovia Films has a wide range of high gloss BOPP facestock films for this application including clear, white and cavitated films which can be applied to containers with rigid and semi-squeeze properties.

Our industry leading high clarity clear films are perfect for ‘no-label’ look applications and our brilliant white and high opacity films provide maximum graphic impact.  Both have gained market success driven by process efficiencies and shelf impact of the finished label.

For primary labels, shelf and brand impact is paramount – our coatings allow unrivalled print effects for UV and water based inks as well as hot and cold foil processes. Innovia’s PA top coating offers the highest ink adhesion and water resistance in the market today. Our FA top-coating offers the broadest food compliance position in the market with EU and FDA food contact status as well as leading the industry for metallic effects and fine tone printing needs.

Two-side coated films are designed to improve adhesive key for repositionable, removable and reclosure applications and offer wider adhesive chemistry compatibility vs corona treated surfaces. The print requirements and performance are the same as our one-side coated films but the addition of a reverse side coating gives wider adhesive compatibility and higher adhesive key. It enables a pressure sensitive label to be removed from a substrate without suffering from adhesive transfer.

Our PS facestock films have a wide, proven performance across many narrow web inks and processes – flexography, web-offset, screen and letterpress printability and UV ink.


Clear ‘no-label’ look film
Brilliant white high opacity film
Cavitated high yield film
High stiffness for conversion
Efficient web processing
Tear resistant

Key Attributes

  • Exceptional ink adhesion and robust performance
  • Excellent adhesion and laying down of both cold and hot foiling processes
  • Enhanced moisture resistance
  • Broad resistance to household chemicals
  • FA coated products has EU and FDA food compliance
  • PA coating has highest ink adhesion
  • Films for repositionable
  • removable labels
  • Films for reclosure applications
  • Films for 2 side printed booklet labels
  • Wide adhesive compatibility
  • Uncoated films are one side corona treated
  • BOPP is recyclable in polyolefin recycle streams
  • Excellent die cutting performance


  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Printed primary labels
  • Reverse side secondary labels
  • Repositionable labels
  • Removable labels
  • Peel and reveal applications
  • Reclose labels


  • Rayoface™ C
  • Rayoface™ LAD
  • Rayoface™ QAD
  • Rayoface™ W
  • Rayoface™CPA
  • Rayoface™ WPA
  • UltraFoil CFA
  • UltraFoil WFA
  • Rayoface™CA
  • Rayoface™WA
  • Rayoface™ ACPA
  • Rayoface™ AWPA
  • UltraFoil ACFA
  • UltraFoil AWFA


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