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In mould labelling is a manufacturing technique where the label becomes an integral part of the finished container.  The printed label is placed in the mould before the polymer is added.  Once cured the printed label provides the high resolution decoration which covers all the sides of the container through one label. 

In mould labels are scratch resistant and are not affected by changes in temperature and therefore can be used for frozen and refrigerated products.  

Innovia’s RayoForm™ in mould BOPP label films for polypropylene containers create an exciting opportunity in many markets for strong, practical multi-use packs. By matching the label substrate material with the container material, the final pack is recyclable and meets the Association of Plastic Recycling (APR) recommendations for polypropylene packs.

The RayoForm™ range of films offers both clear, white and cavitated options with the additional features of gloss vs soft touch surface effects.   Film thicknesses range from 50 µm through to 80µm.  RayoForm™ films can be printed using UV or conventional lithographic ink systems.


High clarity ‘no-label’ look film
Excellent white film
White opaque film
Matt film
Printable film
High stiffness

Key Attributes

  • Soft touch or high gloss finishes
  • Matte surface for print effects
  • Anti-static options
  • Down gauging opportunities
  • Excellent die cutting
  • Resistant to moisture and oils


  • Bakery & Biscuits
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Food
  • Ice Cream & Novelties
  • Pet Food


  • Large format containers
  • Thin walled containers
  • Twist free lids


  • RayoForm™ EEG
  • RayoForm™ ELR
  • RayoForm™ ERH
  • RayoForm™ EUP
  • RayoForm™ ICU
  • RayoForm™ IM
  • RayoForm™ IW
  • RayoForm™ IWU


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