Graphic Arts Films

PVC Free Graphic Films

Innovia’s range of films for self-adhesive graphic arts applications is perfect for large format graphics as they are able to retain high dimensional stability throughout the adhesive lamination, printing and applications processes.  They are particularly suited to flat graphics, however the films balanced orientation means that they provide superior die cutting of decals and stickers which can be applied to flat and simple curves.

Rayoart™ GCP, a high clarity glossy film provides excellent definition when used for window graphics.  Rayoart™ GWP is a brilliant white film with high opacity ensuring no show through. These films are available in both 60 and 90µm thicknesses and are designed to be adhesive coated for self-adhesive structures.

Both GCP and GWP have a proprietary top coat which gives outstanding print performance and an adhesive receptive coating on the reverse side to provide an enhanced adhesive key for clean removal.  They can be printed using wide format digital print processes such as UV inkjet and HP Latex systems as well as wide range of traditional printing processes.

Rayoart™ GCL is a high clarity, glossy overlaminate film, delivering durability and print protection. It can be used as a self-adhesive overlaminate, either self-wound or with a liner. 

All these films are extremely easy to apply or remove at both high and low temperatures.  They are ideal for indoor and short term outdoor applications as these UV stabilized products provide up to four years outdoor durability.  Film colour and dimensional stability are unaffected with well over 3000 hours of accelerated ageing to ASTM G154 standards.


Enhanced UV stability
Dimensionally stable
Digitally printable topcoat
Reverse side coated
Clear and white solutions
High gloss or matt surface finish

Key Attributes

  • PVC free
  • Ideal for flat & simple curves
  • Easy handling for application
  • Robust clean removal
  • Up to four years outdoor durability


  • Indoor graphics
  • Outdoor graphics
  • Outdoor labels


  • Window graphics
  • Point of sale advertising
  • Beer crates
  • Durable goods
  • Cable tags


  • Rayoart™ GCP
  • Rayoart™ GWP
  • Rayoart™ GCL
  • Rayoart™ GW
  • Rayoart™ GWPMatt


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