Digitally Printable Films

High performance substrates

Innovia Films is at the forefront of developing label films specifically for digital printing.  We have a range of pre-optimized BOPP media to support the exciting, fast growing digital printing market.  Our original developments were label films, designed for the HP Indigo presses and these films continue to be successful today. 

As the digital printing market grew, with other technologies like dry toner and inkjet becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, our R&D and application development teams developed new top coated label films that met the demands of each new ink and printing system.

For the self-adhesive label market, Rayoface™ CDI and WDI, our pre-optimised media for HP Indigo, have been leading the way for over 15 years.  These films not only have excellent ink adhesion but their unique bubble induced mechanical properties, like high MD stiffness, help produce labels that have superior high speed label dispensing and  on-press stability.

Rayoface™ CPA clear and WPA white glossy films have a superior print receptive top coat and semi squeeze performance.  They are highly compatible with UV inkjet processes and are ideal for demanding applications.

Rayoface™ CZPA and WZPA offer high squeeze performance and excellent UV inkjet print performance.

Rayoface™ VTT and WTT are matt white films with a printable top coating designed for fast, reliable thermal transfer printing they also have good compatibility with UV inkjet processes.


Top coated for digital printing
High gloss or matt surfaces
White films
Clear films
Squeezable film options
Balanced orientation

Key Attributes

  • Printability across major digital processes
  • UV inkjet compatible films
  • HP Indigo certified films
  • Xeikon and dry toner film solutions
  • Excellent clarity for “no-label” look
  • Suitable across rigid
  • semi-squeeze & full squeeze containers
  • Recyclable with other polyolefins
  • Excellent hot & cold moisture resistance


  • Beer
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Short-run & Personalised Labels


  • HP Indigo Printable
  • Xeikon Printable
  • Wide UV inkjet compatibility


  • Rayoface™ CDI
  • Rayoface™ CPA
  • Rayoface™ CZPA
  • Rayoface™ WDI
  • Rayoface™ WPA
  • Rayoface™ WZPA
  • Rayoface™ VTT
  • Rayoface™ WTT


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