Metallised Films

Metallised label fIlms

Metallised film is a polymer film that has had a very thin layer of aluminium applied to its surface.  The aluminium is heated and evaporated under vacuum conditions and adheres to the film surface.  This provides an outstanding shiny metallic look.

Brand managers want more and more from a label.  It has to provide a desirable level of product differentiation as well as create added value, thus ensuring an enhanced shelf appeal in the battle for maximum consumer awareness.  Interest in the ‘metallic-look’ continues to show impressive growth rates, especially in self-adhesive applications such as the beer, wine and spirits and home and personal care markets.

Innovia’s range includes both reverse and top metallised films ranging in thickness from 92 microns down to 25 microns. 

Rayofoil™ MCPA provides high gloss and excellent clarity to view the reverse metal surface through the film.  Rayofoil™ MWA is a high gloss top coated reverse metallised solid white film.  Their proprietary top coat gives outstanding print performance across a wide variety of printing processes and hot and cold foil processes.  Both films have semi-squeeze performance.

The thinnest is Rayofoil™ LQS a white cavitated metallised high yield film which is printable on the metallic side.

Rayofoil™ MWGS is the thickest in the range at 92 microns and is a solid white metallised film which is UV stabilised making it ideal applications where the label is exposed to external environments. 


Outstanding printability
Clear and white metallised films
Cavitated high yield metallised film
Enhanced opacity films
Hot and cold foil compatibility
High stiffness for conversion

Key Attributes

  • Metallic lustre for maximum shelf impact
  • Top coated for enhanced printability
  • Scratch resistant
  • Suitable for rigid and semi squeeze containers


  • Beer
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Decals


  • Brand enhancement
  • Shelf impact


  • Rayofoil™ LQS
  • Rayofoil™ MCPA
  • Rayofoil™ MWA
  • Rayofoil™ MWGS


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