Barrier Films

Barrier Film for Labels

The demand for high barrier packaging films is increasing and with new pack formats featuring peel and reseal labels the market requires a food contact compliant labelling film.

Propafilm™ RHX is a high clarity BOPP film, UltraFoil WXFA and Rayoface™ WXFF are solid white BOPP films.  All these films are both EU and FDA food contact compliant.

These label facestock films offer brand owners and label printers the complete package.  High printable surface for narrow web conversion and thermal transfer needs. A high barrier coating on the reverse side which affords product and label protection, extending shelf-life and maintaining Brand aesthetics..

They provide high machine direction stiffness for improved conversion and high speed label dispensing and excellent oxygen, moisture vapour, chemical and hotmelt adhesive barrier performance. 


Superior printable surface
High barrier PVdC coating on reverse side
High gloss surface
High clarity clear film
High opacity white films
Excellent hot/cold moisture resistance

Key Attributes

  • Oil
  • chemical & hotmelt barrier
  • Gas and moisture barrier
  • Excellent whiteness
  • Superior print performance
  • Exceptional fine tone and foiling capability


  • Tyre labels
  • Food labels
  • Labels for sensitive products


  • Hotmelt adhesive labels
  • Curl and wrinkle free labels
  • Shelf life extension


  • Ultrafoil WXFA
  • Rayoface™ WXFF
  • Propafilm™ RHX


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