Release Liner Film

Clear clean release

A release liner is a plastic or paper-based sheet that is used to prevent sticky surfaces from adhering prematurely. Pressure-sensitive adhesives require the use of a liner to carry the adhesive and facestock through converting and application.

Pressure-sensitive labels, tapes and graphic arts are global applications where the strength of the liner is important for adhesive coating, die-cutting and converting. In the case of labels, the liner must be designed to perform in high speed automated application equipment. 

BOPP release liners are ideal for labelling applications in moist environments where traditional paper-based materials are unstable. Filmic BOPP liners offer no-label look potential and improved environmental footprint over PET.

We have two clear BOPP film families suitable for release liner applications, Rayoweb™ CR and Rayoweb™ CRS.  Both are corona treated on one side and use clean polymer formulations, free of migratory additives for improved silicon coating adhesion.  Their enhanced stiffness ensures optimum efficiency throughout the conversion process.  In addition, these films can be recycled with other polyolefin materials. 

Rayoweb™ CRS provides very high stiffness with PET-like performance without the need for new die tooling.  The 30 micron version delivers a higher yield and is suitable across a range of siliconisation processes. 



One side corona treated
No migratory additives
High dimensional stability
High machine direction stiffness
Easy release
Clear film

Key Attributes

  • Thermal & UV cured siliconisation compatible
  • Excellent resistance to web breaks
  • Low elongation
  • Recyclable with other polyolefins


  • Beer
  • Wine & Sprits
  • Dairy & Food
  • Home & Personal Care


  • Pressure sensitive labelling


  • Rayoweb™ CR
  • Rayoweb™ CRS


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