Printable Films

Promotional impact

Although legal restrictions are increasingly limiting the use of printed promotions on tobacco products, printable films are still required in some regions of the world for price promotion and price flashes.

We have a range of ‘Bubble’ and ‘Tenter’ BOPP films suitable for printing with different characteristics, including coated and uncoated, shrink tightening films, non-shrink tightening; and films that can be printed using  flexo or gravure systems.

Propafilm™ GLP offers high speed capability with high levels of controlled and balanced shrinkage for optimum wrap tightness, printable on one side. Propafilm™ ZSD is a tenter coextruded film with shrink properties that is also printable on one side.

Propafilm™ MTP is a non-shrink film that also has high speed packing ability on hard packs and cartons and is easily printable.

Propafilm™ RC and SRC (shrink) are acrylic coated films.  Both sides of these films are receptive to inks, adhesives and tear tapes. They provide high gloss, vapour, flavours and aromas barrier. 

All these films have proven themselves in the market.


Shrink tightening printable film
Non shrink printable film
Coated high gloss
Flexo printable uncoated
Designed for Tobacco machines
Differential slip properties

Key Attributes

  • Superior pack presentation
  • High speed printable film
  • Uncoated reduced costs options
  • Excellent moisture and flavour barrier
  • Resistant to solvent attack


  • Tobacco


  • Collation packs
  • Unit wrap


  • Propafilm™ GLP
  • Propafilm™ MTP
  • Propafilm™ RC
  • Propafilm™ SRC
  • Propafilm™ ZSD


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