Pack Wrap & Carton Overwrap Films

Superior product protection

Innovia Films have been leaders of innovation in the tobacco industry for over 70 years and were the first to introduce shrink tightening films into the market.  BOPP’s ability to provide high moisture and flavour barrier has ensured its position in this competitive industry.

The development of our range of films for pack wrap and carton overwrap films has evolved over the years to provide the functionality, speed and performance required to match the demands of faster packing machines.  They form strong tearing seals at high speeds ensuring good shelf-life.  Today premium brands choose our films because of their superior optical properties; barrier and enhanced machine performance together with optimum pack wrap tightness. 

We offer both ‘Bubble’ and ‘Tenter’ produced films that have varied degrees of shrink or non-shrink capability to suit both hard and soft packs.

These films also meet industry requirements for anti-blocking and anti-static so that they can be used in vending machines where they are still exist.

The range includes films with micron thicknesses from 16 to 25 microns for these applications.   Our thin films maintain mechanical performance even at high speeds.


High shrink films
Medium shrink films
Non shrink films
Surfaced engineered for tobacco machines
Strong seals
High barrier films

Key Attributes

  • Controlled & balanced shrink tightening
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • High barrier and strong seals for extended shelf life
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Run at high speeds
  • Suitable for hard and soft packs


  • Tobacco


  • Pack wrap
  • Carton overwrap


  • Propafilm™ GLS
  • Propafilm™ GLT
  • Propafilm™ MLT
  • Propafilm™ SLT
  • Propafilm™ XLT
  • Propafilm™ ZEA
  • Propafilm™ ZNA
  • Propafilm™ ZXA


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