Inner Liner Films & Labels

Unique Laminate Structures and Labels

Cigarettes in a tobacco pack are held together by an inner liner or inner bundle before they are wrapped in a carton and then overwrapped with film. Traditionally the inner bundle is made from a foil/paper laminate which is used because of the deadfold required to wrap around the cigarettes. 

The structures are just folded and not heat sealed and provide little moisture barrier to the pack. Once the pack is opened and the top of the liner removed, the cigarette quality will deteriorate quickly from moisture absorption or loss.

With prestige brands now moving to a sealable inner liner, Innovia Films is working with key industry partners to develop a range of films to be used as part of inner liner laminate structures to replace the historical formats.  Along with CCL Labels’ recloseable labels they provide a unique structure that keeps cigarettes fresher for longer.  The recloseable labels, manual opening or automatic opening allow decorative, brand enhancement and security features to be applied.

We have a comprehensive range of coated and uncoated films suitable for running on high speed tobacco machines and labels for inner liner applications. 

The first films to be used in the laminate structure were acrylic coated films.  Recommended was Propafilm™ RC20 or Propafilm™ FFC20 depending on the end user’s machine and sealing requirements.  We went on to develop uncoated options, Propafilm™ RLC20 and ILC20.  Selection depends on the end user machine requirements.

All films have been tested on inner liner machines and with labels to test their performance, with positive results. 



Coated films
Uncoated films
Runs on RIL machines
High speed performance
Metallised films available

Key Attributes

  • Cost effective options
  • Wide sealing range
  • Strong bonding
  • Recloseable labels
  • Improved barrier


  • Tobacco


  • Replacement of foil
  • Replace metallised paper


  • Propafilm™ FFC
  • Propafilm™ ILC
  • Propafilm™ RC
  • Propafilm™ RLC


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