Clear Collation Films

Improving image, reducing costs and environmental impact

Traditionally Tobacco companies collated 10 packs of cigarettes using printed cartons or printed paper bundling.  Increasing health warning regulations makes moving to clear collation an effective and attractive value proposition for collating unit packs for distribution.  It also has the added value of reducing packaging waste and weight while reducing overall packaging costs. 

Innovia Films has been a leader in the development of films for this application and now has a wide range of products to fulfil a variety of requirements.  They include coated, uncoated, shrink and non-shrink films and easy opening films.

Collation films need to be incompatible with the films used to wrap the individual packs to prevent them from sticking together. Innovia’s acrylic coated BOPP films meet that requirement as the acrylic coatings do not stick to the outer polyolefin surface on the OPP films used for overwrapping the pack films.  They can also be printed.

Innovia’s uncoated films have specially engineered polyolefin outer layers, which provide a sealing window so the outer wrap can be sealed but not seal to the unit pack wrap.   Our Global Technical team support any trials on these films to ensure the best outcomes, once established, uncoated films can offer an additional cost reduction.

The ‘Snap Wrap’ range facilitates the easy removal of packs from tightly wrapped collation packs using scored lines applied to the film to coincide with the edges of the packs in the bundles.  This allows retailers and consumers to snap off two packs at a time.


Incompatible films
Coated films
Uncoated range
Shrink films
Printable film

Key Attributes

  • Outer films that don’t stick to the unit packs
  • Superior gloss and optics
  • Cost reduction
  • Tight collation wraps
  • Easy opening collation packs


  • Tobacco


  • Overwrap multiple packs
  • Replace printed cartons
  • Replace printed paper bundling


  • Propafilm™ NC
  • Propafilm™ RC
  • Propafilm™ RCZ01
  • Propafilm™ SRC
  • Propafilm™ SRCZ01
  • Propafilm™ SNC
  • Propafilm™ SNCZ01


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