Metallisable/Metallised Films

Outshining performance

Metallised film is a polymer film that has had a very thin layer of aluminium applied to its surface.  The aluminium is heated and evaporated under vacuum conditions and adheres to the film surface.  Metallised film has become a popular alternative to aluminium foil.  This is because it is much thinner, is much lighter and provides the high glossy metallic surface and barrier properties desired by brands. Also because aluminium foil can be difficult to recycle.

The metallised coat provides not only a very aesthetically pleasing shiny finish but it also imparts additional benefits, such as providing moisture barrier.  It also serves as a barrier to light and reduces the film’s permeability to gas.  Most often they are used as part of a laminate construction on products that require high barrier performance.

Metallisable films are those that have been produced with an enhanced surface that is suitable for receiving a metal coat.

Our range of films includes both metallised and metallisable grades that are one side treated, two side treated and versions suitable for heat seal or cold seal applications.   In addition films are available with different levels of metal optical density. 

These thin films can be used in duplex and triplex laminations and are fully printable.



Light barrier
Water & oxygen barrier
Thin films for lamination
Hot and cold seal capability
Extend shelf-life

Key Attributes

  • Reduced permeability
  • Light weight & cost
  • High lustre surface
  • Increased pack appeal


  • Biscuits
  • Cookies & Bakery
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Coffee
  • Ice cream & Frozen Novelties
  • Pet Foods & Treats
  • Snacks
  • Tea & Infusions


  • Flow wrap
  • Lamination
  • Pre made bags
  • Pouches
  • VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Sealing)


  • Propafilm™ BH
  • Propafilm™ BZ
  • Propafilm™ MNS
  • Propafilm™ MPB
  • Propafilm™ MPM
  • Propafilm™ MPS
  • Propafilm™ MZS
  • Propafilm™ ZB
  • Propafilm™ MNH
  • Propafilm™ MPD
  • Propafilm™ MVU
  • Propafilm™ BM


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