New Cavitated Brilliant White Gloss Film for Pressure Sensitive Label Applications

Innovia films has recently developed a uniquely engineered uncoated cavitated BOPP base film, Rayoface™ QB designed for pressure sensitive labelling (PSL) applications. The film is available today in both 57 and 40 micron thicknesses and has a coating receptive surface on one side. This allows customers to add their own preferred topcoat.

QB is suitable for use within a wide range of market segments such as Household and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and other consumer packaged goods sectors.

The 5-layer technology of the Innovia Films Polish line means QB is a high-performance product, that gives both superb economics and a high yield. With an extremely high opacity of 91%, Rayoface™ QB provides a brilliant white surface, which has excellent compatibility to top-coatings and PSL adhesives. Importantly, QB also has EU food contact compliance.

To help increase efficiencies by reducing changeover times, QB can be manufactured and shipped in large jumbo vertical rolls of 16300 meters (QB57).This film has already undergone in-depth trialling and shown excellent results throughout the PSL supply chain and is available immediately.

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